External Data Sources

Connect external data sources to Spice.ai

Access and query external data sources in addition to community datasets including the ability to execute SQL joins across both by creating custom datasets.

External Data Sources initially supports connecting to PostgreSQL and MySQL with more data sources coming soon.

Adding an External Data Source

External Data Sources are added and managed through organizations and are available to all Spice applications within the organization. They are private and are not visible or accessible to applications in other organizations.

Navigate to the organization's Settings and then the Data Sources section.

Click Add Data Source to show the New Data Source dialog.

Select the data source and then complete the required connection details.

Once the data source is connected the data source will be made available through its name, which will be the schema name for SQL queries. E.g. naming the data source connection "mydb" will enable selecting tables with the SQL SELECT * FROM mydb.{table}., click the vertical dots to the right of the connection to edit or delete it.

To edit or delete the data source, click the vertical ellipses menu.

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