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Security at Spice AI

Last updated: Aug 22, 2023
Spice AI's approach to security when providing services including,, and
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Spice AI takes a principled approach to security. These principles include:
  • Compliance: Certified compliance with industry standards.
  • Secure-Access-Control: All Spice AI systems are protected by Secure-Access-Controls including Authentication (AuthN), Authorization (AuthZ), and RBAC (Role-Based-Access-Control).
  • Data Protection: All secret and sensitive information is encrypted in-transit and at-rest.
  • Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA): All authentication systems require and enforce Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA).
  • Least Privilege: Least-Privilege-Access is employed so that users, employees, and contractors do not have greater access than necessary.
  • Defense-in-Depth: Multiple security controls in depth.
  • Auditable: Access and usage is logged and auditable.
  • Secure Code: Code is scanned and tested for secrets and vulnerabilities.
  • Just-In-Time Access: Access is given only when it's required.


Spice AI is in the process of being certified for SOC2-2017 Type II, which is expected to be complete by Jan 2024.

Secure Access Control

Spice AI corporate, development, and production systems are protected by Single-Sign-On (SSO) Secure-Access-Controls. This includes secure Authentication (AuthN) and role/group based Authorization (AuthZ).

Data Protection

Corporate and production secrets are encrypted at-rest and in-transit. Corporate secrets are stored and managed in a enterprise-grade password manager with SSO access. Service secrets are stored and managed in platform specific secure key vaults and key stores. A minimum of TLS 1.2+ is employed for encrypted transmission.

Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)

All all access requires and enforces Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) where possible.

Least Privilege

Least-Privilege-Access is employed so that users and employees do not have greater access than necessary.


Spice AI employs multiple levels of security, including Firewalls and Bastions for access into private networks, user, service, and machine authentication and authorization.

Deployment Environments and Controls

Deployment environments, such as Development, Production, etc. are utilized and segregated. Controls including approvals for deploying to Production environments are used, enforced, and logged.


Access is logged and auditable.

Secure Code & Patch Management

Code is scanned and tested for secrets and vulnerabilities during Continuous Integration (CI) systems, using GitHub Security features like Dependabot, CodeQL, and Secrets Scanner. Base level operating systems and container images are monitored, upgraded, and updated on regular cycles.

Just-In-Time Access

No-standing-access is enforced, with users only given access when required (JIT) and for a limited period of time.
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