Truncates the date or timestamp to the indicated precision.


DATE_TRUNC(time_unit LITERAL, date_timestamp_expression DATE OR TIMESTAMP) β†’ DATE

  • time_unit: The time unit that the date or timestamp needs to be truncated at. This must be the literal value of β€˜YEAR’, β€˜MONTH’, β€˜DAY’, β€˜HOUR’, β€˜MINUTE’, or β€˜SECOND’.

  • date_timestamp_expression: The date or timestamp to truncate. This value must be a literal in the date or timestamp format.


DATE_TRUNC example
SELECT DATE_TRUNC('MONTH', '2021-12-24')
-- 2021-12-01
DATE_TRUNC example
SELECT DATE_TRUNC('MINUTE', CAST('2021-12-24 12:28:33' as TIMESTAMP))
-- 2021-12-24 12:28:00
DATE_TRUNC example
SELECT DATE_TRUNC('HOUR', '2021-12-24 12:28:33')
-- 2021-12-24

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