Returns the cumulative distribution of the current row with regard to other values within the same window partition.


CUME_DIST() OVER ( [PARTITION BY partition_expression] [ORDER BY order_expression]) → double

  • partition_expression: An optional expression that groups rows into partitions.

  • order_expression: An optional expression that specifies the order of the rows within each partition.


CUME_DIST example
SELECT "Category", 
    OVER (
      PARTITION BY "Category" 
      ORDER BY "DayOfWeek")
FROM eth.recent_blocks 

-- Category, Descript, DayOfWeek, EXPR$3
-- ARSON, ARSON, Friday, 0.13636363636363635
-- EMBEZZLEMENT, EMBEZZLED VEHICLE, Friday, 0.18452380952380953

Usage Notes

This function does not support cumulative frame windows or sliding frame windows.

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