Returns the row after the current one in the same result set without the need for a self-join. If there are no rows, this function returns NULL.


LEAD(expression, [offset]) OVER ([PARTITION BY partition_expression] [ORDER BY order_expression]) → same as input type

  • expression: An expression that is returned.

  • offset: An optional parameter. The number of rows after the current row from which to obtain a value. Supports only a value of 1.

  • partition_expression: An optional expression that groups rows into partitions.

  • order_expression: An optional expression that specifies the order of the rows within each partition.


LEAD example
SELECT "Category", 
  LEAD(DayOfWeek, 1) 
    OVER (
      PARTITION BY "Category" 
      ORDER BY "DayOfWeek")
FROM eth.recent_blocks 

-- Category, Descript, DayOfWeek, EXPR$3
-- ARSON, ARSON, Friday, Friday 
-- ARSON, ARSON OF A VEHICLE, Wednesday, null

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