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Welcome to the Spice documentation! is a data and time-series AI application platform; an AI-backend-as-a-service comprising of composable, ready-to-use data and AI building blocks, preloaded with 100TB+ of ready-to-use web3 data. connects real-time and historical time-series data, SQL query, ETL, serverless compute, machine learning training and inferencing, in a unified cloud platform and developer-focused community hub.
Operating data and AI infrastructure can be painful.
😓 Maintain expensive and often error prone ETL, data, query, and ML infrastructure.
😓 Constantly monitor data, training, and inferencing for errors, correctness, changes, and bottlenecks.
😓 Comply with governance, compliance, and privacy concerns. makes it easy.
With, you can:
  • Query real-time and historical data using SQL in seconds and fetch results in JSON or Apache Arrow for use with applications, ML, or libraries like NumPy and Pandas.
  • Collaborate on datasets, ML models, and applications in one place through the new community-centric developer hub.
  • Create, fork, and curate your own hosted datasets and ML models to share and build with the community.
  • Define and manage custom datasets in GitHub along with your application code.
  • Bring your own data or leverage the 100TB+ of preloaded blockchain and Asset Prices data. is preloaded with community data from ecosystems including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EigenLayer along with enriched datasets for NFTs, DeFi, DEXs, ENS, Prices, and more. Most datasets are open-source and available at
Building blocks available in the platform today include:
Take it for a spin by starting with the getting started guide.
Feel free to ask any questions or queries to the team in Discord.
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