Wallet Balance Tables

Goerli Wallet Balance tables available to query via SQL

The Goerli testnet has been deprecated on Spice.ai as of March 22, 2024. Datasets are available but no longer updated.


Wallet Balances specific tables

Table NameDescription

A block-level view of all changes to any account's Ether balance


Balances changed in the last 30 minutes, ~128 blocks

The columns and their schema available for each table can be viewed with the describe <table> command. For example:

/* Show the columns available */
DESCRIBE goerli.wallet_balances;
DESCRIBE goerli.recent_wallet_balances;

Improving query performance - indexed columns

Query performance can be significantly improved by adding WHERE clauses to your query on specific indexed columns.

Table NameIndexed Columns


block_number block_timestamp address


block_number block_timestamp address


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