Converting Large Numbers

Large numbers are returned from the Node.js SDK as an Uint32Array. This is because Javascript cannot represent integers larger than 53 bits, whereas our platform can return integers up to 128 bits.

Since Javascript cannot natively represent integers larger than 53 bits, the Arrow JS library splits it into an array of 32-bit integers. It is possible to convert these values to a string or BigInt through the use of a utility function in the Arrow library.

const client = require('@spiceai/spice');
const arrow = require('apache-arrow');

const spiceClient = new client.SpiceClient('API-KEY')
const table = await spiceClient.query(`
  SELECT "value" 
  FROM eth.transactions 
  WHERE hash = '0xceb2a83e69c919f88b1c8b6e643d5f8d3cf7d44f0d53147c8a2f74ce1f1d4532'`)
const tableArray = table.toArray()
// DecimalBigNum(4) [Uint32Array] [ 1046478848, 2011190977, 342674185, 0 ]
// 6321223000000000000000000000
// 6321223000000000000000000000

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